Aerial Survey

Piper Super-Cub (PA18/135)
Maule M5-235: fixed wing aircraft.
Bell 206B: Helicopter.

1. Line Survey work: Using our high-wing single engine aircraft we can provide highly cost effective inspection and photography of e.g.-
  • Gas pipe tracks
  • Electricity pylon tracks, existing and proposed
  • Road work progress and proposed routes
  • Costal wurvey and marine erosion.

Mostly oblique photography using digital or film.

2. Vertical / Plan survey work: Using either high wing aircraft (with belly-mount cameras and side-mounted imagers) or a helicopter (with gyro-mount) we can provide true vertical images of any site.

3. Infra-Red (Thermal-Imaging): Using our Barr and Sound IR.18. thermal imager mounted in either fixed-wing or rotary aircraft we can provide:
  • Energy-effective surveys
  • Thermal pollution imaging: freshwater and marine areas
  • Floodwater “high level” mapping
  • Subterranean surveys e.g. heat production from bacterial degradation of landfill sites.


In summery: We are a small but specialised company with low overheads-generally speaking we have a good competitive edge.