P.A.W Flying Services-Specialists in Aerial Photography


Aerial photography can be highly lucrative-civil engineering projects, new housing and industrial development, leisure sites, special events and agriculture, are just a few examples where oblique and vertical photography may be required.

Why not combine your commercial photographic skills with ours in commercial aviation to make the most of profitable opportunity?
We at P.A.W Flying Services offer the following competitive professional service to the commercial photographer:

Fixed-wing aircraft-Piper Super Cub (P.A.18)

  1. STOL aircraft with port and starboard shooting hatches, suitable for both plan and oblique work
  2. Ample space for large format equipment, video, film and line-scanning I.R.
  3. Full intercom. Facility for pilot/photographer communication
  4. Long-range tanks for extended survey contracts.

Pilots: Our commercial pilots have over 15,000 hours aerial survey experience between them.

Experience: We have been involved in aerial photography/survey fling for over 25 years and can advise you on the most efficient and profitable way to tackle new contracts.

Efficiency: Skilled pilots operating the right aircraft mean faster turnaround times. This is not your local flying club. We are in business to make a profit and that means keeping customers like you satisfied!

Competitive rates: We charge only from take-off to touch-down; no expensive taxi charges or airport overheads. Free quotes for all work!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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