Banner Towing Re-Defines Effective Advertising

If you are a marketing person or an advertiser, you will know these days, more than ever, you need the right balance of promotional expenditure-so the odds are on your side.
Do you realise that the eight major banner-towing operators in the USA flew over 50,000 hours of display work last year? Also banner towing in this country, is growing steadily as more and amore clients are attracted to this unique form of promotion-can we attract you?

What is banner towing?

A type-set message in highly visible giant letters towed behind an aeroplane (air plane) in the sky over areas where large numbers of people congregate. Also known as aerial banner, air advert or sky advertising.

Personal Banner Message:

Corporate Banner Message:

How much does banner towing cost?

The cost of having a message towed behind an aeroplane (air plane) in the sky really depends on the location and the display time. Call us now on 01423560294 for a free quotation.

How long is the message?

Banners can be up to 32 characters in length including spaces. Therefore it is important that you carefully plan your wording. We will happily help you with this over the phone or you can email your requirements.

Why P.A.W Flying Services?

We were one among those who first started banner towing in the UK and after so many years of flying, we are proud to say that we are the most experience company in banner towing. We have the biggest banners in the business. Our pilots have 15,000+ hours of commercial flying between them.

Should the banner not go ahead in the event of bad weather, technical issues or cancellation due to unforeseeable circumstances, a full refund will be issued.