Banner Towing Re-Defines Effective Advertising

If you are a marketing person or an advertiser, you will know these days, more than ever, you need the right balance of promotional expenditure-so the odds are on your side.
Do you realise that the eight major banner-towing operators in the USA flew over 50,000 hours of display work last year? Also banner towing in this country, is growing steadily as more and amore clients are attracted to this unique form of promotion-can we attract you?

What is banner towing?

A type-set message in highly visible giant letters, or painted onto giant ‘billboards’ measuring 20’x70’ then towed behind an air plane over areas where large numbers of people congregate. Banner towing can be used as outdoor advertisement for events/concerts, conference, new business/website launch, football match, wedding celebrations, birthday / anniversary celebrations and marriage proposals, etc.

Why Aerial Advertising?

1. High Impact
Sound, colour and moving action combine in banner advertising to re-enforce your eye-catching message.

2. High Interest

This dynamic new medium makes your potential customers look up and really gets them talking! Remember we have the biggest banners in the business.

3. Accurate Targeting

Banners can be displayed over any city, town or even neighbourhood of your choice. Gain maximum exposure value by discussing the exact route and location with one of our pilots.

4. Precise Timing
Display your advertising over the biggest possible captive audience, e.g. peak shopping hours, outdoor events/concerts, conference, new business/website launch, football match intervals etc.

5. Versatility
Aerial banners are the ideal way to display your PR messages and greetings.
Banners can easily be constructed of different length, colour and size-even your company logo. Vary your message to appeal to different audiences.

6. Highly Cost Effective
High exposure rates and selective timing combine to make banner towing a winning medium. For example, full coverage of major city can be gained in as little as two hours.

7. Reasonable Rate
Rate is from £450 per hour plus banner construction charge (up to 40 characters including space).

Why Choose P.A.W Flying Services?

We were one among those who first started banner towing in the UK and after so many years of flying, we are proud to say that we are the most experience company in aerial/sky advertisement and banner towing. We have the biggest banners in the business. Our pilots have 15,000 hours of commercial flying between them.
Why go somewhere else? We are the right choice for you!! Pick up the phone and ring us now! Free Quote!!

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